Opening BRAZIL!! NEWS!!

Our next market to open in the Latino area will be Brazil. In preparation for that launch, which we expect to be around the third quarter of this year, we are not accepting distributor applications from Brazil distributors until we open. This is due to the regulatory climate in Brazil—we expect it to be a major market for us and we don’t want premarket activity by distributors to jeopardize our opening.

When we’re ready to open we’ll have a 4 week premarket period where we’ll do enrollments, but not have any orders. Following this period, we will allow orders to be placed.

Although we are targeting the third quarter, no dates have been set yet and timing is of course still tentative until all of our preparations are complete.

Our office will be located in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The office space is currently undergoing a remodeling in preparation for our use.

The products we plan to have available at launch will be Tri Factor formula with zinc (this is a Brazil specific formula), TF Chewables and Chocolate and Vanilla Nutrastart. Sometime after launch we’ll introduce the energy stix berry flavor into the market.

We’ll have more detailed information available as we get closer to launch. Rich Decker is overseeing the Brazil launch. If you have questions he’s a good resource.

Brazil is 4Life’s main focus of the Latino expansion at this point.