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Passport to Freedom Training!


The first few speakers of the day had greatly enthused the crowd at the 2012 4Life Passport to Freedom Convention. As each speaker spoke with great words, and outstanding hype in their yelling in excitement, the crowd was very much receptive to what was about to come to them….. Platinum Bonnie Taylor. As she was introduced, it was already obvious to the crowd of over 8,000 attendees that she had worked very hard to overcome the amazing challenge of having an incapacitating stroke just 1 1/2 months before this Convention, and yet she was still there for all of them… and they knew it. Tears flowed freely in the audience, as well as with Bonnie Taylor as she carefully approached the speaker podium to express her appreciation toward everyone. Then… as is her way… speaking softly… she still carried that big stick of knowledge that everyone came to learn. Everyone was dead quiet as they listened to her soft, damaged voice… applauding the knowledge she was giving them… and the great inspiration she has always given them…with this day being the greatest of all. Please enjoy Bonnie’s soft, but powerful speech that took over 8,000 people from all over the world by the heart, giving them the inspiration to succeed through their own challenges. This day will never be forgotten.

All of us from Team Bond International welcome you to our home on the internet. We are excited and overwhelmed with where we have come from and what we still have ahead of us.  With one-of-a kind products and a winning company, we knew we had a tiger by the tail.  We started our story in 1998 with a profound strategy to span the world and provide incredible opportunity and support for our team, unmatched in most of our industry.  Now, we are proud that this has been accomplished!  We DO span the world.  We DO have the most amazing opportunity we know of on Earth.  And we DO provide a worldwide, intricately designed, strategic system and support to help each distributor reach their own personal goals in a short amount of time.

Team Bond International, working together, has reached a pinnacle of success!

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Transfer Factor and Opportunity

with Dr. Rob Robertson, M.D.

4life Research prides itself on its products, integrity and service. Transfer Factor is the companies main product of which it holds exclusive patents on for another decade to come! 4Life’s first distributor, Health Sciences Advisory Board member, and GOLD International Diamond, Dr. Rob Robertson tells us how Transfer Factor works, and the benefits of becoming a Distributor!

Dr. Rob Robertson on 4Life Transfer Factor

Transfer Factors Explained in 8 Minutes

Dr. Rob Robertson speaks on the 4Life opportunity


Exploring the Life Rewards Plan

Part 1

Plan Benefits

Life Rewards Plan™ Basics – Open the door with this overview of

one of the industry’s most generous compensations plans.

Part 2

Building Your Business

Making the Life Rewards Plan™ work for you – Understand the building blocks

of the plan and how to connect them for successful business growth.

Part 3

Rank Advancement

Climbing the Ranks of the Life Rewards Plan™ – Set your sights on

how high you want to climb and learn what it takes to get you there.

Part 4

Power Pool, Great Escape, and Beyond…

4Life’s Plan is Rich in Rewards – Learn more about the 4Life Power Pool bonus,

our Great Escape+, Gold Getaways, and Platinum Pinnacle luxury vacations.


There’s a parallel path to financial freedom… and it’s one that we like to call “compound opportunity.” We like to think of it as “the greatest work strategy of all time.” Compound opportunity is simply a way to leverage your time and effort into the financial freedom you desire.

Watch this video…. and know your future can be what YOU want it to be!



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CHANGE Your Life!… DISCOVER Your Dream!


Are YOU ready to change YOUR life to what YOU want it to be?! With Team Bond International’s successful system, people and the fantastic 4Life Products, YOU CAN make it happen! And ALL of Team Bond will be right along side of you the entire way! Discover YOUR Dream once again and be the person you always wanted to be! Success is not a destination, but a journey we all are on our entire lives! While on this earth, we may as well LIVE the way we wish to…. and help each other along the way!

Watch this 4Life Video, then speak to the person who sent you to watch it! I guarantee they will have many great things to share with you on YOUR journey of success…. discovering YOUR DREAM once again… just as we have done!

Kurt & Melanie Kuhn

GOLD International Diamonds


Recession-Proof YOUR Income!



IgA and 4Life Transfer Factor


A preliminary scientific test suggests that 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula strengthens your immune system guard by increasing the number of protective IgA antibodies. Shown in 100% of people tested!

IgA and TF



Immunoglobulin A (IgA) test results obtained from a preliminary, open-label study on 21 reportedly healthy adults. Participants took 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula for two weeks, followed by 4Life Transfer Factor RioVida® Tri-Factor Formula. *100 percent of participants saw an increase in the production rate of salivary secretory IgA by an average of 73% after taking 4Life Transfer Factor products for 4 weeks when compared to the 1 week baseline. A brief drop occurred at the transition between the two products.


4Life Transfer Factors – Natures Secret!!


Watch and listen to 4Life Co-Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, as well as world renowned Doctors explain the great benefits of 4Life Transfer Factors!







4Life Science, Synergy and SUCCESS!!


Read through this dynamic and informative brochure, then watch the short video below to learn more about your possible journey with 4Life through Team Bond International!

To open, read and download the brochure below, please click on it’s cover shown below.


To open, read and download the brochure above, please click on it’s cover shown above.


Listen to 4Life’s FIRST Platinum International Diamond

Ray Meurer as he talks about changing YOUR life!

Then listen to Ray’s BEST Conference Calls of 2009 with many testimonials from some of the top, great leaders in 4Life today!



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Every effort has been made to stay within the guidelines of the DSHEA Act of 1999 which allows us to speak of a natural product in terms of Structure/Function (what it is and what it does in the body). We make no claims that this product – in and of itself – will prevent, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. The value of transfer factor lies in its unique ability to boost and/or balance the immune system as needed.  We encourage you to consult your healthcare practitioner on all matters of personal health.