NEW Platinum’s Dr’s Jase & Jinsun Khyeam visit Platinum Bonnie Taylor

It is a great day when family can get together and celebrate great achievements! Such was this day when Dr’s Jase and Jinsun Khyeam (Team Bond’s New Platinum’s) visited Bonnie Taylor at her home in California USA. Gifts were exchanged and the day was amazing. It is a rare occasion to get these Platinum’s in the same area at the same time! We would like to congratulate Dr. Jase Khyeam once again for his great achievement … PLATINUM!!!


2014-09-09_BT_HOSTS_RS_BABY_SHOWER 028




2014-09-09_BT_HOSTS_RS_BABY_SHOWER 030

2014-09-09_BT_HOSTS_RS_BABY_SHOWER 027

2014-09-09_BT_HOSTS_RS_BABY_SHOWER 025