NEW GOLDS!! for Team Bond Korea!! Dr. Hong Seok Eui & Dr. Kim Mee Jeong!


Team Bond is proud to announce the great achievement of make GOLD INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND to Dr. Hong Seok Eui & Dr. Kim Mee Jeong!

























Dear Dr.Jase, Dr. Jinsun, Mr.Lee Sun Woo, Ms Grace Chun, and Mr Choi Suk Yoon with respects and love,

Since I started March, 2013, I did appreciated for running full pace with love, sacrifice, and passion to help us and support us!!!!

I do bow to all our sponsors above with big appreciation of your support!!!! And due to that, I did become GOLD!!!

With sponsors’ teaching and guide, I did only introducing Transfer Factor with truth, honesty, and integrity, and that

results, I did become New GOLD International Diamond!!!!

This proves that anyone could be GOLDs if they do work with integrity and honesty. That makes me happy and that

encourage others as well!

I never even once just purchasing lots of products to qualify ranks, and I never doubt at once what sponsors teaching and guidance of Success School, and I appreciated again for our sponsors’ help !!!

Dear Partners of Team Bond Creative Group, I love you all and I appreciated, and

thanks for giving us lots of compliments and encouragements.

I will support you to become New International and New GOLDs again from now on!!!

We will support and help you to be big leaders on the big stages near future!!!

We love you all!!!!

Being New GOLDs means new signals for all of us to becoming Lots of New GOLDS in this year 2014!!!!

Let us all go GOLDS!!!!!!!!

Love, Love, Love, Love!!!!!!!

Gold International Diamond
Dr. Kim Mee Jeong




This is the best gift for Team Bond Grace Group, which is New GOLD news.

There is a story for 10 months’ GOLD Entry, Dr. Kim and Dr. Hong are working full time as doctors but they did not waste their one min of time to support their down line partners all around the country. They did not take care for themselves, but they did sponsor and support their leaders all the time. In my understanding, they took airplane to go Busan, and Kwangju, Daeku, Daejun, Kwungju, Junju, Suwon, Buchon etc, they did go anywhere where they need them all the time. They set good role model for doctors and for others, they set the model if you work hard you could achieve your dream. I wish they do take a rest for New Years Chinese Holiday season!!! Let us enjoy Cebu Great Escape Trip and Let us go Hawaii Trip together too. We also wait for more New GOLDs to go Hawaii Trip together.

We also wait the great news of Dr.Jase’s New Platinum News!!!!

There are many New GOLDs candidates in our group, and that makes me happy.

There is new energy I feel that New GOLDs and new Platinums and $10,000 .00 Monthly income leaders are going to be produced in a big time till end of this year!!!!

There are already many people who makes more than $10,000 monthly, The one who challenge for achieving their dreams will get the victory of that success.
Please try to achieve your dreams, and you will get it.

You can all do it!!!!

Try with your dreams!!!!

Please have a wonderful Chinese New Year Holiday and make a good plan in Feb, 2014.

Grace Group Fighting!!!

Team Bond Group Fighting!!!!

Gold International Diamond
Grace Chun


Wow!!! Wow!!!
They did it !!!! Becoming New GOLD within 10 months period!!!

This is company record!!! I think !!!!!

Dr.Kim Mee Jung!!! and Dr. Hong Suk Eui!!!
I give you all best wishes for you both in year 2014!!!

This is your year and your team year, and please do help so many people here in Korea and around the world with your high intelligence and your integrity!!!!

I could not say more than just appreciation what you did in last 10 months’ supporting your

partners, that is big sacrifice and big love with passion for your people!!!
We all respect what you did, and we will pray for you both to become the Platinum International Diamond ASAP!!!!!

Dr.Jase Khyeam, GOLD