Naoya Tanzawa: Diamond

Naoya Tanzawa


Team Bond Youth Group

Naoya Tanizawa: My 4Life Story

When I first found out about 4Life opportunity, I felt very book possibilities.  I was able to  meet very reliable group members like you and Team Bond.

Team Bond has a organized system to support anyone anywhere in any country.  Team Bond bonds each one of us together.  I believe this job can make anyone grow big by learning accurately and diligently.  I am still young, but I believe ages don’t matter.  I will prove we have such a big possibility even though I am young.  I want many people to know these possibilities as I met 4Life, found possibilities in my future and seriously have thought I want to change my life.  I want you to know each of us has value.  I will keep delivering these powerful passion and wishes which I learned from Mr. Kidani and Team Bond.

I made a decision to grow our youth group to all over the world as Team Bond grows all over the world.  I appreciate for group members like you and Team Bond Family!!


Kimiko Tanizawa:  Upline Diamond

I am grateful to grow up with my son as my business partner as we have reliable group members with 4Life.  I will be looking forward to seeing Naoya proving to build a wonderful group as a youth leader and proving the possibilities are unlimited.