Nancy Tang – DIAMOND

Nancy Tang


My name is Nancy Tang.  I have lived in the USA for 14 years.  During the past 14 years, I have had many jobs such as: baby sitter, waitress, Chinese TV journalist, phone company sales rep, import export company order taker and credit card service sales rep. I have worked very hard and always wonder why I could never make enough to pay the bills.  What if I stop working today, how am I going to survive?

Three years ago, Blanche Feng presented this 4Life business to me.  I started to buy the products for my parents and I witness amazing results on them.  Not until lately, I decided to work as a 4Life distributor.  I have many product testimonials of Transfer Factor.  I am always a hard working sales rep and I have many good friends, but there are things that I always wanted to learn and I found it here in 4Life business: business management, strategic planning, integrity and success through team work. I finally understand that 4Life is truly a business that delivers ‘Together Building People’.

We all came from ordinary background, but we all want to achieve extra-ordinary goals, because we have dreams for ourselves, our families and for those who desire health. Once we create wealth through this business, we could help more people with the income we generate.

I dream someday that I would be on stage to receive my 4Life Platinum Diamond recognition.  When that day comes true, I would thank all the people who have helped me achieve this dream and I would do whatever it takes to make this dream come true.

Nancy Tang



Nancy Tang is one of the few women who impress me very much.  I found her full of compassion, courage and fighting spirit.  In the past few years, we have established friendship and did not have the chance to work together.  Because of her timing, Nancy made a decision to start her 4Life career in the USA and China.

I am honored to have a strong person like Nancy to join our team.  She has to face all the challenges in a rising market in China, just like all the previous 4Life pioneers who started their distributorship in other new countries.  They all have to have the confidence in 4Life Research Inc., be persistent and trust the team leaders to build their business.

I do believe that Nancy will overcome all the obstacles and achieve high ranking in 4Life.  Due to our many years of friendship, I understand that she is a woman full of toughness and passion.  In the near future, we will see her achieve great success in the 4Life Chinese market.

Blanche Feng

Presidential Diamond