UPDATE!! Even More INFORMATION – Passport to Freedom

Even more information from Presidential Diamonds John and Joyce Humer!

Information for everyone, who is packing for convention.  The weather in Philadelphia is going to be in the 66 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 46 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit at night, with a 10 to 20% chance of rain. Of course we will be in a heated/air conditioned building, for most of the day.

Hope this helps everyone know what to pack, for Philadelphia.

See you at convention.

John & Joyce Humer
Thank you John and Joyce!!

Presidential Diamond’s John and Joyce Humer took some time and initiative in contacting one of the hotels in the Philadelphia area that is being used for all to stay at with the thousands of distributors that will be there for the Passport to Freedom Convention. They found out that not only is the Convention Center 3 blocks long, but that each distributor may want to find out ahead of time how they intend to get there from their respective Hotel they may be staying at. Since they will be staying at the Sheraton, their questions were limited to that hotel, however, Team Bond recommends everyone do the same of your own Hotel. Here is what Joyce found out of the Sheraton…

Just a note to let you know that the Sheraton Hotel does not have shuttle service from the hotel to the convention center.  The hotel is only 2 blocks from the front doors of the convention center, BUT the convention center is 3 blocks long. Also the Sheraton Hotel  does NOT have a shuttle that runs from the airport to the hotel. The Hotel did tell me that the people holding the convention sometimes provide shuttle service, and usually let them know by no later then the weekend before. There is a shuttle that you can call from the baggage area of the airport.  The cost is $10.00 per person, versus a cab that costs $30.00.
Hope this is helpful.  See you in Philly at convention.

John & Joyce Humer
Presidential Diamonds
I wish to thank John and Joyce for their diligence in finding out what information they could for us all.
In speaking with Alice Lilo, 4Life’s Coordinator of Field Development, she informed me today that 4Life will not be providing any transportation between the Convention Center and the Hotels that our distributors are stay in. We therefore again highly recommend calling your Hotel’s ahead of your actual travel date to check into what options you have.
We are all excited to see you there!
Kurt Kuhn
Gold International Diamond
Team Bond International