Mitsuko Kanai – Presidential Diamond – Team Bond JAPAN

Mitsuko Kanai


I started 4Life business two years ago when I learned about 4Life products for the first time and I became very healthy and was very impressed.  I started very slowly.  I am very grateful I became a Presidential Diamond with people giving me guidance, friends working together and product users, all together.

I will not forget what is important as a human, set a goal firmly, vary the pace of my life.  I believe in this business development.

Kanai, Mitsuko

Presidential Diamond

Nagano, Japan


Mitsuko Kanai san is a wonderful lady who showed her leadership to be New Presidential Diamond. She is a great computer teacher in Ueadasi, and longtime friend of Keiko Kamijo, International Diamond. And did used our wonderful products of 4Life, and she did expand her group in her town in Uedasi.  It is not a big town, but it does not matter for her to be successful, because she knows how to help people achieve their dreams. Congratulations on your leadership, Mitsuko san, and you are a great leader who I like.

Dr. Jase Khyeam

Gold International Diamond