Michioki & Susan Inafuku – INTERNATIONAL Diamonds

Michioki & Susan Inafuku
Hawaii – USA / JAPAN


I first met with Transfer Factor in the year of 2000.  My weak constitution had completely turned around.  I am now in such strong health.  Delivering the happiness to others, now my distributors and customers have spread to US mainland, Hong Kong, Spain, China, UK and all over Japan as well as islands in Hawaii.  This only shows how fabulous Transfer Factor and 4Life are.  I also appreciate my upline, Bonnie Taylor so much.  She is the reason I can work for 4Life for full time now to share Transfer Factor to others with joy.  I will keep delivering my message; How wonderful it is to enjoy my health and financial wealth with 4Life, to many others.”

Michioko Inafuku



Michi-san has become a very beloved person in the Team Bond Family of distributors.  He has shared the following information with us:

Michi Inafuku moved to Hawaii as a minister of the Tenri religion in 1971, without any financial support.  He worked in the travel business by catering Japanese lunch boxes.  He also tried working in few network marketing businesses, including 4life.  Now, Michi-san has a strong purpose for working his 4Life business.  He enjoys raising funds to help his religion. His dream in 4Life is to share miracles with as many people in the world as possible with prayers.  When he delivers the 4Life message and products, he also asks them to pray together.  He is very happy to report that he has many wonderful testimonies from those using TF.

Michi-san is a great example of someone who demonstrates his intentions in his actions.  You can feel the love and caring he carries in his heart, just by being in his presence. We are very happy and honored that Michi-san has chosen to be part of our team.

Bonnie Taylor

PLATINUM International Diamond

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Team Bond Hawaii July 2008 084

2005 Team Bond San Diego Event - TP 143


2009 Michi and Susan Inafuku