Masumi Kawamura – DIAMOND

Masumi Kawamura


I used to have a simple life as I worked a regular office and went home after work before I met 4Life.  I was still single at that time not thinking too much.  However, after I got married and had children, I left the office losing all the income.  I felt I couldn’t keep going like this and decided to look for a job with small children on internet.  Mr. Junji Kidani, my current leader, invited me to do business together at that time.  I attended a seminar and saw people doing the business shining and caring others.  I felt I wanted to do business with these people.  I am so glad I attended the seminar now.  Now I can dream my dream.  People may think we dream, but not make it come true.  But dreams come true as long as you consistently keep working on it without giving up.  4Life people taught me this lesson.  If you have a strong will to change and make actions, then you will change.  I want to make a world for children, the next generation, to be able to dream by us changing ourselves.  I wish our children will take after our wish and grow up strongly.

Masumi Kawamura


Her upline comments…

If I explain her in one sentence, she is a person with effort and never gives up.  I am sure Masumi-san is going to grow up to a wonderful leader now because she can work so hard for her team.  I always appreciate her.

Junji Kidani
International Diamond