March 1, 2010 Team Bond OPPORTUNITY Call with TB Trainer Karen Ayres


Monday, March 1, 2010


(by telephone or internet)
Check with your upline for call-in number or website address.

…hosted by Team Bond Trainer, KAREN AYRES

…special guest speaker this week:  GOLD International Diamond

Kurt Kuhn!


This is our ONCE A MONTH presentation of WHY a prospect may choose to join 4Life!  It is YOUR opportunity to invite all
your prospects to listen! How easy can it get to tell someone about 4Life?  All you have to do is invite!  Our Team Bond leaders do the rest for you! We encourage you to invite your prospects.  Explain to them that this call only takes place ONCE each month, which is the FIRST
MONDAY OF EACH MONTH.  They will hear about the company, the products, the opportunity and some true testimonials that
others are experiencing right now.  It is a GREAT call!