Maeng Chae Hyeon




My health began to deteriorate while managing a franchise restaurant, and I started looking for health support and a new career with little success. Eventually, my sponsor Gold International Diamond Bak Mi Ae introduced me to 4Life. She convinced me it was a good opportunity and I decided to give it a try. 4Life is different from other companies, because they have a solid compensation plan and a clear marketing structure. Most of all, I feel there is a sense of faith and trust between team members. Since I joined 4Life, I am filled with gratitude and happiness. I believe that I have achieved my goals through sincerity and trust. I always make an effort to attend meetings with my sponsors and team members. When work gets difficult, I just think of the promises I have made myself and how much my team members depend on me. Then, I refocused on my goals and worked harder. There is a saying that one can achieve dreams over and over. After you achieve one dream, you can begin working towards another. For me, achieving the rank of International Diamond was a dream, and becoming a Gold International Diamond is my next dream. Without losing sight of my first intentions and the importance of modesty, I will continue to achieve success with the help of my sponsors and my team. – Maeng Chae Hyeon, GID