Leonora Brückner – Presidential Diamond

Leonora Brückner

Berlin, Germany

I was born in Russia on October 31, 1951. My passion was music and therefore I went to school and got my degree in piano.

I worked as a piano teacher in Russia and in 1985 I moved to Berlin, Germany, where I got married to my husband. Now, I am working full-time as a piano teacher at a conservatory of music.

I have had chronic bronchitis since 1976 and all the therapies did not help, although I used various supplements. In January 2008 I got an invitation with Dr. Andreas Scheler about Transfer Factor. I was so excited about what I learned and immediately ordered products for me and my family. After testing these products, my excitement got stronger and therefore I helped my niece Tatjana when she had a tonsillitis. She got rid of it within 2 days and therefore I was brave enough to introduce her to Dr. Tatjana Schulz, who became my first distributor. In November 2008 I became Diamond, in spring 2011 Presidential Diamond. I love 4Life and am very happy how supportive Barbara Wagner is.

My goal is to work less at the conservatory to have more time for my 4Life business and support more people together with Barbara in the world.

Presidential Diamond

Leonora Brückner


I met Leonora in Berlin, when I gave a meeting. She impressed me with her product knowledge and brought many people through the product into the business. Because she is very engaged in her full-time job, she uses the early mornings and very late evenings to work her business. Her persistence and perseverance helped her to become Presidential Diamond .

She won her first Great Escape trip and will share this with her niece Tatjana in October in Las Vegas.

I appreciate Leonora very much and know that she will be going forward!

Gold International Diamond

Barbara Wagner