Lee Soon Duck – INTERNATIONAL Diamond

Lee Soon Duck
South Korea


I had a breast cancer surgery on Dec 2006, and I heard some good news from my friend Grace Chun.  6 of patients who were in hospital with me, one of them died last year, another one who did a surgery about same time I did reoccurred the breast cancer again. However, I became healthier and now I am free from fear of Cancer period.  Not only that, but also I was just country woman who lived in a country side for my youth, and now I became 4life Agent, who represent our opportunity meeting etc, and I develop myself a lot lately. And I did make more income than my husband, and I did a good mother who has money to send two sons to get marry and I also become a good mother in law for my daughter in law. From now on I have a commitment to help more people for them to be successful, and I will become a GOLD..


Lee Soon Duck


We make no claims that any product or procedure with prevent, treat, or
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Lee Soon Duck is growing steadily in her 4Life business, and she is a wonderful leader.

She became a missionary for health now since she was a breast cancer patient. Lee Soon Duck is a great example of how building your immune system with Transfer Factor can be so beneficial to your health. She also is a good role of leader, she help others beyond her limits, and she has both patience and persistency with giving this 4Life opportunity and vision  to others. She always keep a positive image and she is doing cold contacting with coming out of her comfort zone, and that is good example for others.

Grace Chun