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Kurt And Melanie Kuhn




“Melanie and I are not alone in our quest to make 4Life a household name. The entirety of Team Bond International works together as one to create our team’s journey of success. And what a great team it is! The separate legs work together like a family. Everyone is close to each other. Melanie and I have a specific job within the team that allows us to concentrate on what we specialize in… technology. We see to it that our team, our family, is always up to date on the most current technologies that make it possible to share information, and communicate with each other around the world with little to no expense. Our team acts as one so that we may all succeed at having a better tomorrow with 4Life!”


One of the most important dreams a mother can have is to live and work closely with her children!  It certainly has been my dream and when 4Life entered our lives, I was able to quickly realize this dream with my son Kurt, my daughter in law Melanie and my granddaughters, Paige and Madison.

But there is much more to this story.  Kurt has watched me rise to the top of two other companies before 4Life and knew what network marketing was all about.  He wasn’t all that sure he wanted to follow in his mother’s footsteps.  However, with the tremendous success that 4Life has allowed us to enjoy, he soon realized the incredible value of our products and the opportunity in front of him to realize his own dreams.

Kurt and Melanie began their 4Life business and quickly earned their way to GOLD INTERNATIONAL DIAMONDS ! ! ! !

They truly have been my backbone as we have gone through our trials and successes of building a worldwide organization.  Melanie tirelessly stands by me with her support as we deliver attention to our events and distributors around the world.   Kurt has become the complete technical support of our Team Bond Family (as well as for his mother)!  Producing awe inspiring events, handling all the electronic support needed for our team, producing our myriad of audio and visual needs, creating websites, creating  media campaigns, handling the Team Bond finances, organizing our extensive worldwide travel………….oh good heavens!  I could go on an on.  Its a whole  lot easier to say that he and Melanie have been my backbone allowing us all to achieve our own success in 4Life. You can see why I have great love and pride for my family and why I am so thankful that we have 4Life to give us this opportunity!

Bonnie Taylor

PLATINUM International Diamond


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Kurt & Mel with Bullet 5-20-02

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Kurt andMel and Huka Falls

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