Kim Jong Won



My youth was very hard and we had a hard time living. My father passed away when I was 8 years old, and I had 10-year-old older brother. I also had a 4-year-old and a 1-year old for younger brothers.

When I was in High School, I was very talented in literature, broadcasting, and oratorical contests. I was also student council president at the CBS Christian Broadcasting company.

However, I had to give up not going to college because my older and younger brothers had to go to school at the same time. My marriage life was very disappointing. My husband was too free of a spirit and did not care for our family.

Therefore, I had to work as an insurance agent at Samsung Life Insurance (Dongbang Insurance at that time). I had a bad rejection experience with my wealthy uncle after 2 hours of waiting to see him and after explaining what I did in the insurance business.

I never asked for more business with my family relatives, friends, and close acquaintances since then. That experience of personally being rejected was very disappointing but it made me stronger and I am now thankful for that.

I have worked hard with only my own cold contacts and referrals since then. My goal at that time was to be a lady manager in my insurance company.

It was a very good position to be a lady manager because the company had scholarships for my two children. It would take them from their middle school to their university education. I worked so hard to get RA and had to take out water from my both of my knees due to walking so much while working.

I recall that at that hard time of my life I still had to work with my abnormal knees.

After one year of my insurance career, I became 1st Team Manager. After my second year of work, I became a Director. And after three years of work, I finally became lady manager. It is very hard to achieve that rank.

That was the first success story of my life!


After 25 years of my insurance career, I learned a Study on Analysis of Evaluation Method of resident using saju-myungrihak (fame and fortune telling study). I was taught by one of the three best teachers, Park Yong Sung. I personally taught and counseled for 22 years.

I studied this study for prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and I became a famous lecturer in this field.

Let me explain how I met Bak Mi Ae, Platinum International Diamond. I met her 7 years ago while I was in H company. She was a very outstanding leader at that time. Mrs. Bak and Mr. Eom came to me, 18 months ago, while I was at H company and introduced to me the opportunity of 4Life. I did not join at that time because I did not know the value of 4life. But then I started IDA with 4life products. I gained my health back and started my 4life business. I became Gold International Diamond after being in the business for 13 months. My entire life has been changed big time because of the wonderful Transfer Factor and the value of 4life’s company. I am so proud of my partners and of my business, because it’s a win-win relationship.

One of my first line partners, Kim Hyun Jung, recently achieved GOLD in April 2018. And my second line leader, Mr. Bang Seung Yoon, will be a new GOLD in May 2018.

4Life business is the most exciting and touching business that I have encountered in my 80 years of life!


Let me talk about my 4Life story now.

Firstly, “Healthy Life!”

From my mother’s side of my family I had genetically inherited adult diseases including: obesity, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and rheumatoid arthritis. Those that inherited the diseases had to go to the hospital so often and never lived longer then 60 years old. I was 75 Kg and a 99 sized lady, and I was definitely obese. My oldest son, 54 years old, had high blood pressure and diabetes. At that time, IDA DX 1000 was the answer for all of these problems. My two sons and two of my grandchildren did the 10-day program with DX product. Each of us lost 10kg in weight and we all got free from the diseases we had before.

4life was a lucky opportunity for our family and gave us all a healthy life!

Secondly, “Preparing Retirement!”

It is normal now to live until 100 years old. Right now, I am 81, my two sons are middle 50s and they need to prepare for retirement from their career.

My grandchildren are going to go to college, get married, and start a new career in the near future. These are all stress related matters for all of us. Also, I do not want them to have to take care of myself too.

I did not want my two sons, who are self-made successful business owners, to take care of me.

But I did not have an alternative to that plan (I could be independent living by myself). However, the 4life opportunity and the great comp plan has turned my life around.

Thirdly, “unlimited inheritance”

I joined 4life on Dec 7th, 2015. I asked for help from my second son because he understood MLM and he had already taught health related matters to the public. He did not help me at first because he did not know that I was committed to 4life. However, with the great 4life products and my consistency, my son started to help me as my business partner. My son helped me so much; he went to many places and he worked really hard! He slept out of the house more than he slept in our home. I worried for him, so I could not sleep well.

I would like to thank top leaders Jase and Jinsun Khyeam, Platinum International Diamonds, who brought about Team Bond Korea. We all had fast growth of our businesses due to their love and sacrifice with the proven Team Bond System. Thanks to Bak Mi Ae and Eom Kwang Bok, PID, who are on top in Team Bond Ace. They helped to support our sponsoring and helped direct us in the right direction. Also, thanks to Byun Ha Kyung, Mang Che Hyun,and Kang Ok Nye for sponsor line help and supporting us. My achievement of this Gold position is a big turn around for my life! It is a very happy moment!