Kim Jong Won becomes a GOLD!

Kim Jong Won of South Korea has reached Gold International Diamond!

We are all so proud! We all know the hard work, leadership, and challenges you have faced… and we congratulate you for your efforts! You are a great example for so many, including me! I know you will fully enjoy your earned position and I look forward to your continued journey to join me as a Platinum. This is such good news; you put the sunshine in my life. Thank you!

Bonnie Taylor – Platinum International Diamond


She is amazing for becoming a new Gold International Diamond in a 13 month time period, especially at 79 years of age! She did become a very good role model for everyone, proving that success has nothing to do with age. She worked so hard with Park Mi Ae and Um Kwang Bok, her Gold sponsors, and followed our system. She said that our Team Bond family culture is the best and she feels at home; she could not feel this at any other work place. We all give her a big congratulations on her new GOLD accomplishment. She has plans to become Platinum by October of this year!

Dr. Jase and Jinsun Khyeam – Platinum International Diamonds