Keiko Kamijo – International Diamond – Team Bond JAPAN

Keiko Kamijo


I am so happy with my advancement to an International Diamond. I appreciate all the support for me.

I got registered in October 2010.  It was not smooth to get this advancement.  I had felt slump not having a confidence to work for a half year.  I love such a wonderful company as 4Life and love products.  I went through a tough time going through trials and errors as I thought I should motivate myself somehow.

Meanwhile, my uplines gave me a lot of courage and hopes.  All of my group members supported with energy me even when I was so discouraged.  I have learned “Never Give Up Mind” from wonderful leaders and powerful members during the slump.

I have tried a few network businesses before.  I experienced rank ups in a good speed.  However, any of those didn’t last long. I was hating network businesses as I felt “I am done with network businesses……”   One of those network businesses is now my big business development with 4Life and big hope for me and my members.

I am still at the starting line.  My goal is to become a growing leader to give courage and hopes to more people through 4Life.

I am grateful to be able to do 4Life business with my upline leaders with trust and respect and my members with a lot of possibilities.  I will keep doing my best towards to my goal.

Keiko Kamijo

International Diamond

Nagano, Japan


New International Diamond, Keiko Kamijo is a lady who cares her people very much and also has a great leadership for her people to follow.  When I met her first time, she was very kind and professional and she showed me her commitment to be successful in 4Life. And I knew that time, she will make a big group and will be top leader in 4Life, I was right, and she showed her big leadership thru her commitment to serve her people and did International Diamond. Congratulations on your success to the top in 4Life, Keiko san, and You will be no doubt GOLD soon and thanks for being true leader in Matsumoto, Japan.

Dr. Jase Khyeam

Gold International Diamond