Kang Ok Nye – INTERNATIONAL Diamond

Kang Ok Nye
South Korea


Kang Ok Nye is my good old friend through 4life! Since Korea 4life open since Nov, 2003, She was one of the first member from Korean office, and she used the products and do little of part time base of 4life business… However, since I came back to live in Korea, and I called her and asked to come two day seminar, and she told me she is only herself, and did not want to come, and I told her that is why you should come, and let us start from fresh, and she did ..and she did International Diamond from zero.. and now she is one of my big leader in our 4Life Team Bond Korea organization… I am very honor to know her and pleasure working with her, because she has a work ethics and good value in our business we should learn from her….

Dr. Jase Khyeam

GOLD International Diamond


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