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Junji & Mami Kidani


The very first time I met Junji and Mami Kidani, I knew instantly that they not only were a wonderful couple, but that Junji was a strong, determined, fantastic leader.  And from that point on, he has proven he truly has what it takes.  They both have become very dear to my heart.

This couple has endured some of the most difficult challenges in life that any of us would have to face.  When you meet them, you know that their spirits run deep.  They have experienced incredible growth, spirituality and wisdom from these life experiences.  They have chosen to turn them into something big and positive.  They have formed a  young and vibrant team of leaders who definitely reflect the Kidani standards.  We all could learn from them.  We look forward to watching them put their 4Life mark around the world!

Bonnie Taylor

PLATINUM International Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team


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Here are Kidani’s words from the video translated to English by Yoshiko Gass… our Team Bond Manager!

Junji Kidani’s speech

(after his deep bow)

“Puerto Rico is the best!”

“You are so HOT!”

“Team Bond is the best.”

“Herminio is the Best.”

“Banzai  to Japan!”

“Thank you to Puerto Rico.”

“I want to tell you the reason I am grateful to Puerto Rico.  I was wondering if I should have come here or not.   I was even thinking quitting 4Life.  My dear daughter suffered with cancer two years ago.   I was just a product user at that time, not doing business.  I jumped into 4Life just because trying to help my daughter.  She was given up by a doctor.  However, the daughter passed away last August.  At that moment I was seriously thinking leaving 4Life.  I could not help my own daughter.  People would assume I would not be able to help anybody else.  I still wanted to be the best father.  I wondered how my daughter would have felt about me.  I thought my dear daughter would have cheered for me and she wanted to be the best and the coolest dad.  With the pain losing my daughter, I wanted to forget about everything including 4Life.  I was thinking to pursue my other main job.  However, Bonnie Taylor told me if I attended this convention, I would feel a change in my heart.  My cold heart is now burning up again with Puerto Rican passion.  “

“Thank you.  I am now hot!  “

“I lost one daughter, but I gained so many family members.  Bonnie Taylor told me last night I am his new son.  She is my new mother.   With my new mother’s help, I feel Herminio is my new older brother.  I read Herminio’s material so many times every day.  “

“My big brother, Herminio,  please teach me a lot in future.  We have a lot different countries.  I am still an earth person.  I am from the earth.  We have Korean people sing  their own song at a Bonnie’s party the other day.  I felt my soul moved.  Everybody is proud of own country.  4Life is a whole.  We all help each other.  Let’s make a huge group together.  I am going to get ahead of my respectful big brother!  My potential is very high.  I want you, Herminio, to get bigger and bigger not getting ahead by me.”

“Help me my big brother!”  (as he carried away to the back stage.)

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