June 2013 4LIFE Update from the Corporate Officers!

Message from the Founders —David and Bianca Lisonbee

The past few months have been amazing for 4Life®, and all because you continue to share the message of Together, Building People® with passion, determination, and hard work. Thank you!

In April, we visited Nkosi’s Haven in South Africa with President Steve Tew and his wife Sherma. We visited with mothers, laughed with kids, toured the facility, and even enjoyed beautiful choir numbers performed by the children. Also in April, Foundation 4Life® representative visited Jardines del Norte, Honduras. The sponsored community center continues to grow, with new bathrooms, a trash recycling center, and garden to provide better opportunities for the people who live there. The group also made a stop in Palencia, Guatemala to provide 4Life Fortify® meals to very deserving children.
Platinum International Diamond Barbara Meurer, Gold International Diamond Ileana Johnson, International Diamond Shawn Alford, and several local distributors helped 4Life staff members feed over 200 children. Thank you for your continued support of our service endeavors!

The biggest event on the horizon is Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams, October 16–19 in Miami Beach, Florida. We can’t wait to share new products and marketing materials with you, plus listen and learn from Platinum International Diamonds, Keynote Speaker Aron Ralston, and Leadership Keynote Speaker Erik Wahl. Plus, don’t forget to qualify for your Apple® iPad mini®. Visit liveyourdreams13.4life.com to register, read about the contest, and plan your convention weekend. See you in Miami!


Message from the President—Steve Tew

Summer is here and I hope that all of you will have a wonderful and prosperous one. It has been exciting to follow what is happening around the world with 4Life. We are experiencing unprecedented growth in a number of markets. As always, thank you to you and your teams for sharing the message of 4Life Research.

As you can imagine the Home Office is busy with plans for the Live Your Dreams Convention in Miami the middle of October. This convention will be fuller than any we have ever had with valuable information to help people create and strengthen their 4Life businesses. Conventions are always valuable an opportunity to showcase what is happening with the company and, most importantly, to highlight what field leaders are doing around the world. We anticipate attendance at this year’s convention will break all of our previous attendance records. A record number of individuals have already
registered for the Convention and I would advise you to encourage your team members to finalize their plans to be in Miami as soon as possible.

This year’s convention contest is centered on one of the best business building and tracking tools ever. The ability to own a portable tool that facilitates training, communicating, record keeping, calendaring, audio, video and photography at your finger tips and in the palm of your hand is of incalculable value for every serious 4Life business builder. Every attendee at Convention 2013 can and should leave the Miami Convention center with one of these tools. They can certainly do so if they build their business between now and the event.

I look forward to also welcoming many of you and hopefully all of you at our reception for this year’s President’s Club Members. If you have still not reached the President’s Club goal for this convention there is still time so lengthen your stride and help more people with the 4Life Products and Opportunity.

Keep up your good works!


Field Development—Mark Petersen

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing their dreams’
-Gabriela García Márquez

This spring has been busy with meetings around the country, distributors visiting the offices and conference calls. From the Caribbean to the Northwest, California to New England and points in between it has been exciting for us to participate in various meetings, trainings and rallies with Distributors. It is always interesting to see the similar and also different way Leaders are sharing the message of 4Life. With so much preparation going on for the Convention it is always important to remember that the focus of the opportunity is truly a local one as individuals build their businesses.

We continue to see a surge of Distributors bringing their prospects to the offices in Sandy. The new building has made an incredible difference in facilitating such meetings and we hope you will encourage your team members to avail themselves of the opportunity. Many visitors have told us that seeing the buildings and having the opportunity to meet with various employees has truly made the 4Life Opportunity “real” for them.

Although we cannot always visit different localities as often as we would like to we can certainly arrange conference calls. We have been able to arrange a number of video participation’s in meetings large and small with different employees participating remotely. The bottom line is the field development team is available to strengthen your efforts. Please let us know how we can help.

In ways this has been a rough spring for many people with storms and floods plaguing parts of the country. When Distributors are challenged by such events we want to do as much as is possible to help them. However, we are not always aware of their situation. When disaster strikes you can help us by making us aware of the plight of individuals in
the problem areas.

Get ready for Convention 2013. Have everyone register as soon as they can and help your team members build solid businesses so they can solidify their current ranks, achieve new ranks and win the Live Your Dreams contest.


Marketing—Trent Tenney

4Life continues to be recognized in so many ways. If you didn’t already see the Press Release just we will be excited to share how Bianca has been recognized recently and is busily working for all 4Life Distributors!

The 4Life International Convention in Miami this October has launched! Live Your Dreams information, registration and housing can be found at www.liveyourdreams13.4life.com There has already been over 1,000 distributors registered and hotel reservations are moving fast! Please get this information out to your organizations and mobilize early.

The Apple® iPad Mini® contest for Live Your Dreams is also underway. This is an excellent opportunity for distributors to build their organizations, increase their bonus checks, and win an IPAD Mini! By the Way, we are RAPIDLY developing mobile applications for convenient 4Life business access and presentations. Details of the contest are found at http://www.4life.com/liveyourdreams13/#?page=contest-ipad

On Monday, May 6, we launched Orlando Hernández (“El Duque” – Starting pitcher for the New York Yankees during the team’s run of three World Series championships from 1998 to 2000) as Team 4Life’s newest and final member for the year.

Each of our athletes are exemplary 4Life Brand Ambassadors. They exist to underscore the credibility of 4Life’s products for you and your organizations. These athletes include World Series Champions, Gold Medalists, MVPs, Hall of Famers, an NFL player, a winner on all four major tours, a Kona Ironman triathlete, and Olympic hopefuls who
represent a total of six countries.

Team 4Life Corporate Page in English & Spanish


El Duque Digital NewsStand Press in English & Spanish


Special thanks to all Distributors and those that contribute specifically to Foundation 4Life. This past two weeks major donations were given to needy children and communities in Honduras and Guatemala in partnership with Feed the Children.
Platinum International Diamonds Ray and Barbara Meurer among other distributors. Thanks for your generosity and support to the Foundation!

Congratulations to our newest

Gold International Diamonds.

What an accomplishment!

Tatyana Kulagina & Yuriy Kulagin – Russia
Natalya Davydyuk & Odissey Andronikidi – Russia
Mas Ryandi & Kenny Kanita – Indonesia


International—Jeff Kalinin

Good Day from the International Department. Things continue to be busy around the world as we finish up this first half of 2013.

It is bonus time again and it seems that I tend to write these updates about the same time each month. The process that each distributor goes through to close out their month is similar around the world. People try to get two weeks worth of work into two days most of the time. In trying to think of the best way to reduce the month-end stress I started thinking about the power of Autoship and the ability to help automate your business. Every market where 4Life has an office we can put in place an Autoship. Most of the international markets don’t require it but your international teams can still set them up. Just think how much more growth your team could have at the end of the month adding
new distributors instead of reminding existing ones to get their qualification complete. Not only does Autoship automate your business but it also is a way that your distributor teams can get some of the best prices on the products packs they use throughout the month. You can easily check whether your team has an Autoship in place by checking
your Downline Report from 4Life.com backoffice.

It has been a busy first half of the year. Recent announcements have told about record breaking months in many markets. That translates to us as People Joining 4Life and having the opportunity to change their lives. We have had many meetings around the world with major events in Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Latvia. Incredible distributor events also happened in Europe, Taiwan and Mexico. Thousands of people hearing from Distributor Leaders like you and the 4Life Management team. We completed our relocation and expansion of our office space in
Mexico that includes distributor meeting space and a separate store for distributor ordering ease. We also added additional distributor meeting rooms in our Peru office to support that market. An additional office was also opened in the north of the Philippines to support distributors on the island of Luzon.

Through October we are focused on Convention. It is our international goal to bring more people to Miami than come from the United States. I need your help to make this happen. Talk with your International Distributors about living their dreams and attending this incredible 4Life event in October.

As far as International Expansion, we are continuing with getting our operations running in Brazil. Our first product importations have been completed and our office build out is in process. Start to learn your Portuguese today! This market is full of business builders who will embrace the opportunity that 4Life has to offer. We are continuing to
look at additional markets with the International Product Registration team working on products in emerging markets you have prospects in. 4Life continues to grow because of the work you and your teams are doing.

On the personnel standpoint I would like to announce that Nao Lau, who many of you have worked with throughout the years, has taken a new position to be our General Manager of our Colombian office. Nao is a fantastic addition to our worldwide General Manager team and is ready to help you and your teams build in Colombia.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the Convention 2013: Live Your Dream in Miami. I also look forward to helping your teams achieve their success and making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

If you have a specific question you can always email me at JeffK@4Life.com.

Thank you for all that you do…
Jeff Kalinin
Cell – 1-801-953-4990

Please use the Country/Region Chart below to help direct any questions you have.
South East Asia / Pacific Rim
Steve Apple – SteveA@4life.com
Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Emerging S.E Asia
Australia, New Zealand, Emerging Oceania (Papua New Guinea)
Greater Asia / Middle East / Africa
Alan Michaelis – AlanM@4life.com
Jenny Bean – JennyB@4life.com
Lori Back – LoriB@4Life.com
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Emerging China
Middle East Region
All African Continent
North Asia / Europe
Preston Richards – PrestonR@4life.com
Japan, Korea
Rafael Fernandez – Rafaelff@4life.com
Spain/Portugal – OTG
All EU Countries
Central / Latin America
Daniel Taylor – DanielT@4life.com
México, Panamá, Costa Rica
Emerging Central America – (Guatemala, El Salvador, etc.)
Caribbean Operations
South America Large Office
Rich Decker – RichD@4life.com
Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil
South America Small Office
Perú, Chile, Bolivia
Emerging South America – (Paraguay, Argentina, etc.)
Boldmaa Nyamdoo – BoldmaaN@4life.com
Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia
Emerging Eurasia (Belarus, Moldova, etc.)
North America
Mark Petersen – MarkP@4life.com
Nathan Larsen – NathanL@4life.com
United States, Canada, Caribbean