July 7: Tanabata Leader Training “Aiming to Diamond”

July 7

Tanabata Leader Training

“Aiming to Diamond”

Hosted by WDR

Tanabata Leader Training at Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, Japanese suite

July 7 (WED)~8 (THU)

Training to achieve a Diamond!

Free admission, reservation needed

*over night accommodation available, please contact me (3,000 yen ~)

Please chose A, B, C, D or E as you wish.

July 7 A.  6:30~8:30 pm Welcome Tanabata Night (please bring one food item to share.)

July 8: One day Leader Meeting

B.  11am~1pm  Skin Care and products by Mutsuko Watanabe Instructor

Lunch break

C. 2~4 pm Business Training


D. 6:30 pm ~ 7:45 pm  Have fun with closing talks!

E. 8pm ~ 9:30 pm Buffet Dinner at After 8 on 40F

(dinner, desert & drink for 4,200 yen)

Contact: Michiko Iwasaki: