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Jon & Laura McIntosh


I got started with 4Life because of the amazing health benefits my wife noticed while taking 4Life Transfer Factor. We had tried just about everything – hoping that we would find something that would make her feel better, and nothing did – until 4Life Transfer Factor unlocked the power of her own immune system!  I was looking for something to help cure her illness.  She didn’t need to be cured, she just needed a strong immune system!

The 4Life business also took me by surprise.  I never would have guessed a ‘business in a box’ could be so exciting, or could generate the kind of money that it does!  Well, with 4Life it does!

As our economy is struggling, it makes sense to me to generate another stream of income.  Lets face it, times are tough.  Nobody has total job security these days.  And it costs so little to get your business started that your real start-up capital is your desire, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.  If you are serious about making money – with 4Life, you have it made!

Jon McIntosh




Jon and Laura came on the 4Life scene by storm, achieving their first major rank of Diamond in their first 30 days!  Their excitement and enthusiasm are totally infectious and you can’t help but realize the importance of their message. They have a young, growing family and have every intention of creating a great and solid future for themselves with 4Life.

Jon has studied many different aspects of network marketing and is now a Team Bond Trainer.  He has joined the apprentice status of our World Team, working towards the day when he will tour the world, training in all our different countries around the world.  We feel Jon and Laura are a wonderful part of our team!

Bonnie Taylor

PLATINUM International Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team



1-6-06 Jon and Laura with Ray and Barbara Meurer