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The purpose of this Youth Group is to promote Team Bond Membership among ages 18 to 30 and teach them global success with our business.

Young families are ideal candidates for this group because they feel trapped in their jobs with little chance of a brighter future.  When they learn they can work part time without jeopardizing their job, their current income and insurance, they get very excited about the possibility of living their dreams.  They should most definitely set their goals so they know what they are working for.  We strongly encourage young couples to work together as a team.  They grow much faster and become much stronger by doing so.  Of course, we do not suggest they give up their job until they have a strong and growing income with 4Life.  It doesn’t take long to realize the freedom this business can give them…to do what they want, when they want.

Full training and support is available with Team Bond!

Bonnie Taylor

Platinum International Diamond

Join the Team Bond Youth Group Today!