Izumi Newton – Diamond

Izumi Sawa
Hawaii-USA / JAPAN

Team Bond WORLD Team Apprentice


I’ve been involved with 4Life for over 1 year.  The economy hit Hawaii and
many of my co-workers lost their jobs and got pay cut which made me look for
more secure income that I could take control of.  4Life has changed my life.
I discovered unlimited potential in me with 4Life.  4Life taught me what
leadership is, how I take responsibilities for my actions, how I can train
somebody, how I hold onto your belief, etc.  My dream is to make the world
healthier and more peaceful and it starts from one individual’s

Izumi Sawa


Team Bond WORLD Team Apprentice


Izumi has recently become one of our Team Bond World Team Apprentices,

because of her desire and demonstration of developing an international team

of distributors.  Already, she has traveled to other Asian countries to meet

with her contacts and establish a base for her business.  Working from her

home in Hawaii, she has access to meeting people from all over the world.

Her plans are to utilize this opportunity to create not only a big business,

but the long term residual income which is so important.  Thank you Izumi

for your broad thinking and willingness to work hard for your success and

the success of our Team Bond Family!

Bonnie Taylor

Platinum International Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team