Indonesia’s Pontianak Office Celebrates!

Salt Lake City, Utah (April 20, 2016) 4Life executives and distributors gathered at the 4Life Pontianak office for a celebration of the one-year anniversary office opening. Pontianak is a large city on the island of Borneo.

4Life Indonesia Sales and Marketing Manager Ramdony Alamsyah: “I have so much faith in each and every distributor in this region. A future of great success awaits us.”

The event began with an opening speech from Ramdony Alamsyah, followed by a speech from Gold International Diamond Leo Gito Simbara Ujung. It was then continued with a traditional yellow rice cake cutting and lunch. The day concluded with a leaders training on the Loyalty Program and updates on recent activities in 4Life Indonesia.

Leo Gito Simbara Ujung: “I appreciate the hard work you have put into making this office a reality. Now is the time to make the most of this wonderful facility. I look forward to seeing more people achieve new ranks and embrace their dreams through 4Life in Pontianak.”

Indonesia opened as the company’s twenty-first international market in June of 2011. Today, 4life has two offices on the island of Java and two on the island of Sumatra. This is its first on the island of Borneo.