Hong Kong Holds Success Rally

Salt Lake City, Utah (February 28, 2017) Distributors and employees gathered for the 4Life Hong Kong Annual Success Rally at the Eaton Hotel in Hong Kong. The celebration spotlighted the market’s growth and distributors who achieved new ranks over the past year.

Chief Financial Officer Mark Ostler: “This event was a great success. Distributors had the opportunity to share their experiences and celebrate the Hong Kong market’s rapid expansion. I look forward to the market’s continued success in 2017.”

The meeting included the pre-launch of 4LifeTransform Burn and a speech by Gold International Diamond George Fei. He said that Hong Kong contains untapped potential that distributors can use to build their businesses far into the future.

Director of International Jenny Bean: “I am honored to know each of the distributors in attendance. They are all great leaders and entrepreneurs who will take this market to the next level. The Hong Kong market is growing so rapidly that we will need a larger venue for next year’s rally.”

Gold International Diamond Wang, A Xian and Hong Kong Office Manager Tommy Chan also attended.