Heike Mendryscha – DIAMOND

Heike Mendryscha


My name is Heike Mendryscha and I’m a professional physiotherapist.

I got introduced to 4Life via the product in 2008. My well-being and productivity significantly increased with TF Tri-Factor Formula, TF Tri-Factor Plus and TF Recall. I gave TF to my dog Aika too. After only a short time, she was more agile and full of joy of life. In the meantime, Aika has reached the age of 12 and had a intervertebral disc surgery last year. By taking TF, she regained her energy, her joy of life, and her freedom of movement by using a god wheelchair.

I am absolutely thrilled by these products, just as my family. I realized the enormous significance of 4Life in the network marketing business at a meeting in Hamburg. I’d like to infect as many people as possible with my enthusiasm for 4Life and bring them closer to the 4Life business.

Heike Mendryscha



I met Heike at one of my meetings in Germany and was impressed about her testimonial she had about herself as well as her bird.  She is very authentic and very thoroughly.

Heike is a very caring person and she also demonstrates this in her profession, she works as a physical therapist in her own praxis. She loves to help people and does this with an open heart.

It is fun working with Heike, she is open to learn and to explore and she is striving for the next position. GO HEIKE!

Barbara Wagner

GOLD International Diamond