Harue Yanagisawa – Presidential Diamond – Team Bond JAPAN

Harue Yanagisawa


I am so grateful to advance to a Presidential Diamond with respectful leaders and hard work by all of my members.

My life started to change dramatically after I found 4Life in November, 2010. I met many people and got bonded.  I get fascinated every day.   However it was not easy to get here.  I had a tough time with a lot of challenges and concerns.  Then we re-selected the company, products and business of 4Life.  We could not earn such strong team work without those challenges.  We will get bigger and bigger.  We will not forget importance of new meeting and gratitude.  We will grow up with success of all the members.

Harue Yanagisawa

Presidential Diamond

Nagano, Japan


Harue Yanagisawa is a wonderful lady, who has warm heart who helps her people with love. She became New PD and no doubt she will be top leader sometime soon.  She did went thru hardship with 4Life, but she did not give up the problems and challenges which we all go thru, but, she did overcame those problems and challenges and did set a good role model for all of us. Thanks for your leadership Harue san, Congratulations on your leadership and being New Presidential Diamond.

Dr. Jase Khyeam

Gold International Diamond