I certainly hope you had a chance to participate in our annual Christmas call this year. It was wonderful to hear all of you around the world. Team Bond has tripled in growth during 2015, thanks to all of you !!!!!!!!!! We are so proud of all of you !!!!!! The 4Life executives gave us all kinds of good news about the growth of 4Life and what we can look forward to next year and to all our futures. We are certainly here to support your needs and help you realize your dreams.

As you know, South Korea has grown beyond our wildest dreams with two new Platinum International Diamonds and a multitude of new Gold International Diamonds. They certainly hold the title of our 2015 Superstars. What a wonderful example for all of us. Congratulations Korea!

We are well aware of all the hard work and success going on in our Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and German markets. We know you are all headed for a grand year in 2016. Let me thank you for all you do and remind you we are here to support your efforts. Most importantly, be training your team members now to prepare to attend the Atlanta convention in 2016. All serious distributors
should attend. We have a goal to bring 8,000 attendees!

Let me encourage you to look through your contact lists and renew your communication with the USA market. We will be turning a great deal of focus to expanding in America. This will be another avenue for you to grow.

My family and I wish you the happiest of New Years and always wish for your dreams to come true.

With great love…

Bonnie, Kurt, Melanie, Paige, Rick, Madison and little Tony and Kaylynn