Grace Chun & Sunwoo Lee – PID

Grace Chun & Sunwoo Lee



Grace Chun is definitely warm hearted, but a very strong leader in Korea. I have worked with her for about 3 years and I have never met a lady who is as sincere and honest in our business… which is very important for our industry, but also she has passion to help others for them to be top level like she did. She showed great leadership for her partners; many of them feel like family, because she cares so much for them, and they feel like they belong here in Team Bond Korea and other countries as well…. I wish we could all learn from her. How much she cares for others, and we will all love each other, I respect her very much for her excellent leadership. Her goal from 4life is making 10 Platinum, 30 Golds, and 100 International Diamonds in her next few years.. that is awesome…..

Dr. Jase Khyeam

GOLD International Diamond


Grace Chun is not only one of Korea’s up and coming super-stars, but a 4Life Silver Dollar Recipient as well! She not only has created a very successful team, producing very high volumes, but she personalizes her trainings for each of her leaders and their organizations. She is tireless! Grace is seen giving meetings and trainings, along with Gold International Diamond Dr. Jase Khyeam, six days each week. Together, they have created their own momentum storm in growing Korea!
Bonnie Taylor
PLATINUM International Diamond