Gold International Tadashi Shinjo

In January, 1997, I lost my job when the company had a bankruptcy where I had been working for 10 years.  Okinawa, where I live, has the world unemployment rate in Japan.  It is very hard to find jobs even for younger people.  I felt very unsecure for the future since I was almost to 50 years old.  At that time, as one of my friends recommended, I have learned about Network Business and started New Skin Company.  I worked very hard from morning until night.  As a result, I was very fortunate to have 80 leaders and 1000 members under me and also earned more than $10,000 a month.

I attended a New Skin Convention with my 20 leaders in Salt Lake City to receive awards in March of 1998.  5 months later, However, I left New Skin in August.  The company and the products were good, but their business plan was tough.  More of my leaders had started to hold too much stock of products.  I was successful, but the plan was not for everyone to work with.

Through my experiences with New Skin, I have learned about Network Business, Once you get distribution going, income would keep following for a while.  More than anything, I learned your success in network business has nothing to do with your age, sex or education, instead it is up to you if you succeed or not.  That was the reason to decide to risk my future life to network business.  I listened to more 10 companies, but I could not find any company I was looking for.  I was truly looking for a high success rate company for me to start over.

I met 4Life Research in November, 1999.  I found everything was what I was looking for.  The company, the executives, the products and the business plan….. I was certain to succeed when I started 4Life.

It has been already 11 years since then.  I hope you understand my decision was not wrong now I am talking to you today.

Success in 4Life business is to deliver good information to many people.  Somebody somewhere will for sure make good use of this information.  An effort by one person will multiple by 10 and 100.  I moved $150,000,000 worth products for the last 10 years.  I could never do this all by myself.

Everyone gets a big chance a few times in life.  Not many people notice those chances.  Some realize, but give them up in the middle.  4Life business is such a huge business opportunity for everyone.  It is up to how you use and practice the information.

A few years ago, I watched a movie starring Denzel Washington acting a boss of American Gangsters.  He climbed up from the bottom to the top of the gangsters.  One of the members under him asked a question one time.  “What is the secret to get to a top of gangsters?”  The boss answered, “ with honesty, integrity and effort”.  When I heard that, I realized the worlds of gangsters and network business are the same……

To succeed in 4Life Business, listen people’s talk obediently, study hard, and make efforts to deliver the information.  Then a new door will open up by itself.

I was able to change my life so big even after 50 years old.  I have lived in this small island of Okinawa.  I was still able to get an American dream.  Before us, we have Miss Bonnie Taylor, who made her bigger American dream come true.  Trust Bonnie.  Trust 4Life.  Trust Transfer Factor.  AND Trust yourself. Then you will find a way to succeed.