Gold International Kurt Kuhn visits Team Bond TAIWAN

July 2012:Team Bond Press
Gold International Diamond Kurt Kuhn met up with International Diamond Dr. Timothy Chu and his Team Bond Taiwan Group! This amazing group of leaders met and laid out a solid plan of how and when they will be growing their group all over Taiwan, and into China!

Kurt Kuhn states: ” These Team Bond Taiwan Leaders under Dr. Timothy Chu are very impressive and I have no doubt that it will be they, along with the leadership of Wendy Young and Blanche Feng in the San Gabriel group, as well as International Diamond George Fei’s group, who take 4Life into a new level of success with the Chinese populations of the world! We have much to look forward to! This group has solid leadership, along with the vision ans passion it takes to make things happen. This is where the future is! Don’t miss out!!”

Pictured above (Left to Right): Ruby Lee, Kurt Kuhn, Hank Feng, Dr. Timothy Chu