Wendy Young



When I discovered 4Life, I was in desperate need of the valuable health support that I received from 4Life products. I realized that the 4Life opportunity would not only help me find financial freedom, it would enable me to bring health support to others in need. The focus of my business, and my new mission in life, is to introduce people to the products and business opportunity that will improve their lives. Countless people have thanked me for introducing them to 4Life, and my dream is to help more people every year. I no longer measure success in terms of money, but in terms of how much I’ve given to my community and how much I’ve helped those around me. Before joining 4Life, I worked as a real estate agent. The job was difficult and required constant travel and long hours. Now that I run my own business from the comfort of my home, I can set my own hours. I believe that persistence is an important quality in a 4Life distributor, and I think that is the quality that has helped me the most in growing my business. My advice is to never give up, don’t look back, and keep moving forward. – Wendy Young, GID