Tadashi & Saeko Shinjo




It has been 12 years since we came across 4Life Research™ and 4Life Transfer Factor®. Because of this wonderful opportunity, we were encouraged to achieve the three freedoms—good health, the ability to use our time the way we want, and financial security—in just a couple of years. Thanks to those freedoms, my family is healthy, happy, and enjoying a life without worrying about the pressures of time. In the 4Life business, anybody can achieve the three freedoms with effort and a lot of conviction. When you inform others of the great opportunity available to them with 4Life, they develop confidence in the company, believe in the products, study business plans, and believe in themselves. This helps open the door to find freedom and realize our dreams. Taking action with a bright smile and amiable attitude helps lead all to success. There are many businesses out there to consider, but we are confident 4Life is the only one where you can earn money while truly helping others. 4Life Transfer Factor has been an indispensable product that has given people worldwide tremendous health support. Thank you 4Life for being a business with a caring heart and for establishing the three freedoms. Today, I feel free. – Tadashi Shinjo, GID