Dr. Seo Jeong Sook & Jun Moon Ki




Before joining 4Life, we led very busy lives as medical doctors constantly juggling and caring for our patients while also parenting our three children. It feels amazing to now also have the freedom to travel the globe and pursue various interests. I’ve learned that in order to be successful with 4Life, it’s important to constantly learn about the business and the products. Once you understand the benefits of the products, it’s easy to share them with others. I like to focus on building relationships with others while always maintaining positivity and passion. You must throw yourself into your business without holding back and never give up, no matter how challenging things become. Hold onto the faith that, through hard work and dedication, you can be successful with 4Life. As a leader, I try to understand my team members and guide them in a positive direction. I am motivated by listening to top 4Life leaders from around the world and by meeting other distributors. These conversations help me stay focused on all that I can achieve and help me see what true success with 4Life really means. – Dr. Seo Jeong Sook, GID