Robert W. Robertson, Jr., M.D.




I spent the better part of my professional career being a hospital director of an emergency department, my life revolved around my work. For many years there were only three of us staffing a very busy emergency room, which saw over 50,000 patients per year. That meant 56 hours of high-stress work every week. If one of us went on a rare vacation, two were left working 12–hour shifts for days on end. Each year a partner, who was in the army reserves, had to go to summer camp. This result of this is that the two of us who were left had to work three straight weeks of 12–hour shifts. You can’t really appreciate the freedom that 4Life allows unless your prior life has been defined by the walls of your workplace. Each day, for the last 12 years, my wife and I have been grateful to 4Life! We are now in charge of our lives. We spend time with our family, travel the world, and I have become, believe it or not, a bird watcher! Who would have ever thought that? Another benefit of 4Life is the way it brings other individuals into the fold, offering them a chance, with help and guidance, to achieve financial freedom. It gives me satisfaction to feel that they are able to experience what our family is feeling. I’ll stay with 4Life because I want to maintain my lifestyle, which includes the ultimate freedoms: financial freedom and time freedom. Again, thank you to 4Life for this opportunity! – Robert W. Robertson, Jr., GID