Park Jung Hyun




Before I joined 4Life, I didn’t think network marketing was for me. I preferred a traditional job with a monthly paycheck. After attending a 4Life success rally, however, I became motivated to try the business opportunity. My family members and I began using the products and were very impressed by the health benefits. I believe it’s important to sample every 4Life product and learn everything you can about each one. Then, you can begin sharing the amazing health benefits with others.* I believe that most people live simple lives without any great ambition or big plans; but with 4Life, ordinary people can become extraordinary. I have faced many challenges while building a 4Life business, but I have never given up. I have been amazed at how much more quickly I can reach my goals if I focus on helping my team members succeed rather than focusing on myself. Teamwork is truly the key to success, and I am blessed to have so many wonderful team members who have helped me grow my business quickly. – Park Jung Hyun, GID