Manami Uemura




Freedom means attaining the 4Life triad: health, economy, and balance of mind. In order to be free, you must first accept and recognize who you are as a person. You must also realize that mistakes only bring you closer to success, so don’t hesitate to take action and move toward your dreams. I took diligent steps in my business-building efforts and improved myself on a regular basis, and learned new things when sharing 4Life products and the opportunity. This resulted in my developing an increased confidence in my ability to suceed, be a leader, and achieve my dreams. I have felt free through the 4Life opportunity because I can now protect and provide for my family, am relieved from many worries that had plagued me, and am able to live a fulfilled life. I have gained even more freedom through this opportunity and now have a greater ability to help others. We can all share in this kind of freedom and make freedom possible for those around us. I continue on the path toward freedom each day by staying focused on my dreams, being aware of my thoughts, and living out my convictions. Each day, I take steps in my commitment to 4Life and in helping others learn about this wonderful opportunity. – Manami Uemura, GID