Kurt and Melanie Kuhn




When we were part of the corporate world, we quickly learned that corporate owners are usually the only ones to truly benefit from the hard work of those they employ. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand, or believe, that they have options other than what they have been taught throughout their lives—that they should trade time and labor for money. However, 4Life gave us the opportunity to free ourselves from this counterproductive and stagnant, corporate world. Through the 4Life opportunity, we not only found great satisfaction and financial success, we also discovered opportunities to help others achieve their own level of success and satisfaction. Helping others realize this vision remains our goal. With our freedom, we are able to travel the world, literally changing the lives of everyone we meet by telling them about the 4Life opportunity. We are proof that they too can achieve the same freedom we enjoy. We are able to spend as much time as we want enjoying our family and friends and sharing travel experiences. We have been able to help the dreams of thousands come true all over the world… and this is only the beginning! Today’s world is calling for freedom… and we are taking the answer to the world with 4Life! – Kurt Kuhn, GID