Kim Hyun Jung




I was a kindergarten teacher for seven years before marriage and worked as a Manager for seven years after marriage. I had my teaching career during my 20’s and 30’s, but I was trying to get more money with a home investment career. At that time, my second child had extreme atopy and had major ear drum pain. We met the Ntririte company and later a company which makes extra money while you are spending money for the products. I gained 4 years experience of a company which gave me the cash back while I bought the products. I learnt how to do business well and I saw the vision of Network Marketing. But I also met the limit of that company’s compensation. I found another career as an Asset Manager, obtained my certificate, and went into an insurance company. For 11 years I worked as a finance manager. During that time I went to Indonesia with my husband as an overseas experience, but I did not feel well. That’s when I found Transfer Factor. I met Mr. Ryu Chang Jun and got advice on how to start the 4Life products. I was first impressed by the uniqueness of Transfer Factor. I was also touched by the wonderful compensation plan that 4Life had. I saw the power of Riovida in my first year at 4Life when my first brother had a cerebral infarction. I had another experience when my third brother had the same problem.

I always ask people to prepare for a second job opportunity when the economy is not good, especially with the last three years in Korea. I’m really thankful for my 4Life business because it gives me the residual income of financial freedom. I worked one year part-time and 14th months of being full-time in 4Life before becoming a Gold International Diamond. I want thank God, who is the master in my life! I also want to thank my sponsor line for their leadership and for guiding me in the right direction. Also, thanks to all of my partners who believe in me and follow me, along with my brother’s line. Another thanks to Dr. Jase Khyeam who prayed for my hardship in a period where my family’s health was challenged. Thank you to Bak Mi Ae, Eom Kwang Bok, and Ryu Chang Jun for helping me when we had problems and challenges in the process of becoming a Gold. And lastly, I want to give a big thanks to all of the 4Life staff and executives. I want to start as Team Bond, the One Ace group, to give more love and to receive more love to have more success! I will have a humble attitude when serving all of my partners now. I love you and I appreciate you! It’s thanks to all of you that I am GOLD!! – Kim Hyun Jung, Gold International Diamond