Hong Suk Eui & Kim Mee Jung




He was involved with the network marketing industry prior to 4Life®, but when he was introduced to 4Life Transfer Factor®, he believed he had found a hidden jewel and confidently began building his 4Life business. As a holistic doctor, Mr. Hong likes to share the wonderful health support of 4Life products with all of his patients. He never misses an opportunity to tell them about the support 4Life Transfer Factor products can provide for immune system health.* Mr. Hong is excited for his future and enjoys setting goals toward greater success. He and his wife talk often about what they will accomplish next. “Other people worry about their future, but we look forward to our future with 4Life,” remarked Mr. Hong. He is motivated to help his team members achieve new ranks and realize personal success. Mr. Hong recognizes that to build a successful business, it’s important to instill the value of 4Life products and the vision of the company with everyone he meets. He also encourages distributors to develop key leaders in their group and provide team members with consistent motivation. Mr. Hong believes that a good leader recognizes that people are the most precious aspect of their business. “I work as a 4Life business builder because I love my family and my partners. I believe that the work I am doing with 4Life is valuable for people’s health and their lives,” stated Mr. Hong. He encourages everyone to keep working and growing no matter what happens, and to remember that consistent effort will produce positive results. “I was able to become a Gold International Diamond in a short amount of time,” Mr. Hong commented. “Regardless of who you are, you can experience the benefits of 4Life if you dedicate yourself enthusiastically to sharing the message.” – Hong Suk Eui, GID