George Fei




Raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Gold International Diamond George Fei came to the United States during college to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree at California State University in Food Science and Chemistry. From there, he started his own bakery and worked as a certified pastry chef. George was initially attracted to 4Life® because of the unique health support that 4Life Transfer Factor® provides and the way in which it helped his family. He decided to learn more about the industry in order to successfully market 4Life products. George lives by the motto: “Dare to dream, work for it, and never give up!” He encourages other 4Life distributors to follow this same method for success. He builds his 4Life business by staying disciplined, prioritizing, and aligning people’s ideas together. George works hard to be an inspiring leader who learns what others need and humbly offers solutions. He encourages everyone to achieve the unachievable! George was deeply moved by the story of Christopher Gardner, the keynote speaker at BIG Convention 2010. In the movie inspired of Christopher’s life, “The Pursuit of Happyness,” he encourages his son to “protect your dreams.” George shares, “I knew having a dream was just the beginning. My dreams can only come true when I learn how to protect them.” George is grateful that many possibilities have been opened up to him because of 4Life. He feels that 4Life is a key to achieving both health and wealth. “I determine my lifestyle not by how much I have, but by how much I can have,” commented George. – George Fei, GID