Choi Ki A & Park Se Jeong




She worked as a hairdresser for 22 years before learning about 4Life®. After experiencing positive health support with the products, she decided to introduce others to the opportunity. “I became interested in 4Life because of the products, and soon realized that I could secure my financial future with this company. I was encouraged by the fact that I could continue working as a 4Life distributor even as I got older,” she stated. Mrs. Choi is extremely grateful for the benefits she has experienced with 4Life, including the opportunity to attend a life-changing Great Escape trip. She was also inspired while attending Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams. “The 4Life culture I witnessed at the Miami convention left a very strong impression on me,” remarked Mrs. Choi. “It created in me a desire to achieve Gold International Diamond and one day share my story on stage.” Mrs. Choi encourages everyone to always have a plan and stay connected to your sponsor and partners. She acknowledges that leaders don’t exist alone, but should instead seek to create a harmonious atmosphere by respecting and listening to their team members. “My life motto has always been to be truthful and caring,” shared Mrs. Choi. This perspective is what has propelled her as she has built her 4Life business. She goes on to share this advice: “Have pride in what you are selling. Always use the products you sell to others. Don’t see someone as a commodity, but as a person you dearly wish to help.” – Choi Ki A, GID