GOLD International Diamond: Barbara Wagner visits GERMANY!!

It is always fun to go back to my home country and work 4 Life and at the same time see my folks.

Over Easter my Dream Team and I drove to a little town of Oberammgau, next to Munich, which is famous for the passion play, Preston and I visited in 2010 with 4Life President Steve Tew and his wife Sherma.

My team , Marion and Christian Seidel, Helmut Boehnke and Leonora Brueckner and I also visited the beautiful castle Linderhof from king Ludwig II and did sightseeing in Munich, we had so much fun. Relaxation was at a nice Spa where we prospected at the same time. My friend Eva, who has used TF for quite some time , finally signed up as a distributor!! YEAH!

Back to Berlin I was thrilled to meet the new Turkish distributors under Leonora, Birsen, Yeliz and Ferhan, absolutely wonderful , warm hearted people . Yeliz is a young mother and she used TF during her pregnancy and she gives her Baby Nisa Nur TF every day. OUR FIRST TURKISH TF BABY!!!!

Also, our first Turkish meeting went very well and so did our workshop and business meeting with 4Life VP Rafael Fernandez.

Teaching my distributors to live their dream in regards to health and wealth is why I am working 4LIfe. I cannot imagine to do anything better than this, it is the wind beneath my wings and lets me fly! Let me live this life the way I want it, gives me the opportunity to help people to step into their potential!

Barbara Wagner

GOLD International Diamond