Gold Barbara Wagner & Presidential Leonora Brückner Help 4Life Products Receive Cologne List® Approval

Thanks to the great efforts pushed forward by Team Bond International Members; GOLD International Diamond Barbara Wagner and Presidential Diamond Leonora Brückner, along with the magnificent staff of 4Life, as of February 14, 2013 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula and 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Burst® Tri-Factor® Formula now appear on the highly regarded Cologne List as compiled by the Center for Preventative Doping Research at the German Sport University, Cologne.

“Our inclusion as a manufacturer of Cologne List-approved products gives 4Life distributors in Germany, Europe, and around the world another excellent selling point as they share our products and opportunity with others,” said Vice President, Europe Rafael Fernandez.

The Cologne List is a collection of nutritional supplements that have tested negative for banned substances. Athletes utilize this list to ensure they are taking supplements that will decrease their risk of unintentional doping.

World-class powerlifter and Team 4Life member Brady Stewart: “I’m tested before every competition. In May, I travel to Lithuania on the U.S. World Bench Press Team for the 2013 International competition. I take RioVida Burst® and Transfer Factor Plus® every day and test negative before every event.”

The Cologne List is committed to ensuring safety through tested products. Inclusion requires that products have been tested for anabolic-androgenic steroids. Additionally, the manufacturer must sign a self-disclosure which enables authorities to assess the contamination risk of the product.

Senior Vice President, International Jeff Kalinin: “4Life distributors should know that we submitted Transfer Factor Plus® for testing because worldwide, it’s our number one selling product. We submitted RioVida Burst® because it’s portable, Team 4Life Members take it, and the product compliments an active lifestyle.”

Learn more about the Cologne List and its importance to customers and athletes alike. 4Life has offices on five continents to serve a global network of independent distributors through science, success, and service.