Gold and Platinum Pinnacle to Brazil!

4Life Research Fighting!!!!

Team Bond Korea, China, Indonesia, and USA and other Team bond countries fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

I learned so much more about top leadership through this Gold and Platinum getaway trip to Brazil.

This event also provided great healing for myself and our Team Bond members.

There was a surprise video meeting with Bonnie Taylor, Platinum International Diamond, and we feel that she loves us and guides us in the right way as our top leader in our Team Bond International Group!

There is tremendous energy coming into Korea now. I want all of you to take this opportunity and please bring more people to the Atlanta International Convention in USA this October.

Love you all!

Dr. Jase Khyeam

Platinum International Diamond

Pictures below provided by Jase Khyeam, Platinum International Diamond, and Seo Ji Sun, Gold International Diamond!