Getting to know Jenny Bean – 4Life Manager of Greater China

You know, it never fails…one minute you’re minding your own business, the next minute you’re mending fences between hostile nations as a special operative for the State Department. Good thing Jenny Bean is excellent at switching gears—among being the 4Life Manager of Greater China, Jenny also operates as the home office liaison for Taiwan, Hong Kong and, of course China. In 1990, she served as a liaison between the United States Embassy and the Chinese government. Her two-year mission: To help the U.S. restore communication with China in the aftermath of the Tienanmen Square Massacre. She proudly displays her Dedicated to Service certificate from the U.S. Embassy… just as she should!

For now, Jenny lives with her husband R. Mark in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. She has three sons: Douglas, Brian, and Mark Andrew, who is attending the University of Utah and the last “kid” still living at home… but once he graduates it’s empty-nest time for R. Mark and Jenny! “To be the first in anything, you have to have two things: The courage to try, and the vision to make it happen,” Jenny explains. “Without a doubt, 4Life is first in our industry because of the courage and vision of our co-founders, David and Bianca Lisonbee, and I just love being apart of the 4Life vision. I believe our future is bright!” She may no longer spend her days healing nations, but the time Jenny spends at 4Life building people is, indeed, time well spent.


Did you know that Jenny….

  • LOVES Transfer Factor RioVida!
  • Has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature!
  • Speaks English, Chinese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and some French!
  • Dreams of space travel and having her own art exhibition!
  • Enjoys doing Chinese calligraphy, water painting, walking, and cooking!