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George & Lenora Houser



Our primary reason for joining 4Life was for the Transfer Factor products.  We had tried traditional methods for our health issues, however we saw no improvement.   Once we started taking Transfer Factor for our immune system, it was a great surprise that these issues began to go away.  We realized how great the products are and how we could help others in the same way. We began sharing this with others, and it has become a win-win situation.

No doubt, you have heard the words “health and wealth”.  All we can say is that without your health, wealth doesn’t matter.

4Life can and will make you feel like living for a long time………….and in time, wealth will come as well!

George & Lenora Houser




If I were asked to describe Lenora and George Houser, I would use THE WORDS….. RESILIENT, POSITIVE, LOVING AND GENEROUS.  And honestly, that is only the tip of the iceberg in describing this couple.  They NEVER see the negative side of anything.  They NEVER throw in the towel and give up on anything.  They are ALWAYS there and can be counted on for everything!   It is easy to become emotional when you know a couple like this, because sometimes they are simply too good to be true.

Team Bond is much better for having them as our members.  Lenora is one of our active trainers.  She and George love 4Life and all 4Life stands for.  They have a deep passion for helping others in just about every way.  They know firsthand what it is to face challenge upon challenge, no matter what comes their way. What an incredible example for all of us!

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10-01 to 10-14-06 Mels Birthday, Paige IPOP, Portland, Klamath 148