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Frank & Karen Ayres



4life Research gave us a new start in life by giving us the health support we needed to overcome our health challenges. Later we heard about the business opportunity this company offered.  We checked it out, met some really awesome people in this company and became a part of it.  4Life has provided us a way to have a residual income that keeps coming in, even if we want to take some time off.  One of our dreams has been having the ability to travel and that has now become a reality.  We can help other people have a better tomorrow because of what we have learned in this company.

Frank and Karen Ayres


Team Bond Trainers


Karen and Frank already have more than one business of their own, yet they could see the incredible value of building residual income that would continue to grow, even after retirement.  They approach their 4Life business with big hearts and deep caring about each and every person they become involved with.  They bring that love and caring right into our entire Team Bond of worldwide members.  They have made friends all over the world with the warmth they share.  Karen is now one of our prime Team Bond Trainers and hosts our very important Opportunity Call.  She is able to bring excellent clarification and motivation to all the prospects who listen to her presentations. She and Frank are a big asset to Team Bond!  Thank you both for being part of our family!

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